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Bio Necklace

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Bio Necklace

│ Quick Information │

• Model Number : CWH-110

│ Description │


What is Bio Necklace?
The Bio Necklace is a functional necklace which is coated by FIR and negative ions in the FIR generation system. The Bio Necklace has several kinds of functions to human-beings which can improve blood circulation, relieve the pain, and improve vitality.

What is Bio Energy(Far Infrared Ray)? The complete spectrum of sunlight consists of visible and invisible rays. the visible rays are red, orange, yellow, green, indigo blue and violet in colors (known as rainbow colors). The invisible rays are Ultra Violet, X-rays, Gamma, cosmic Microwave, Long Wave, Electrical Wave and Infrared.
Electromagnetic waves between visible light and the microwave are called infrared waves.
The wave length of infrared waves range from 0.76micron to 1,000 microns. The ranges of Near, Medium and Far Infrared Rays are 0.76 to 1.5micron, 1.5 to 4micron, and 4 to 1,000 micron respectively.
Far Infrared Ray(FIR) is transfer by radiation and penetrate deep into the human body and the material that was activated by through resonate FIR and it's original wave. Our body organism is composed of more than 70% water and a lot of proteins. since vibrating wave band length of molecular movement of organic matter is identified to band of wavelength of FIR, molecular movement of organic matter is therefore activated.

Effectiveness of FIR(Bio Energy)
• Improve blood circulation
• Improve vitality
• Relieve the stress and pain of our body active
• Metabolism in tissues and cells
• Improve mental strength
• Intercept electromagnet wave
• Reducing the acidic level in our body
• Elimination of other waste from the body
• Improve oxygen level in our body
• Normalization of blood cholesterol
• Enhance and maintain freshness

What is the Negative Ion?
(Vitamin in the Air = a negative ion)
The ion is the invisible particle which has the electricity and the positive ion is the particle which has the positive electricity, the negative ion is the particle which has then negative electricity.
There is a negative ion with carbonic acid gas, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, etc in the atmosphere and especially, the negative ion is very active because it is the drifting particle. This flourishing activity swells up with vitality in our life and health and act as the source of energy, so the negative ion is commonly "Vitamin in the Air".

Where is the Negative Ion generated in?
The negative ion generates in the forests of the beach and delivery to the body by breathing and through the skin of person, so it increases the metabolism of the body and improve immunity of a human body.
From ancient times, there are many cases of the recovery of patients with the chromic diseases in the forest or rural life, it is because the active of a negative ion occupies a large portion.

• A forest insulting remark chapter to have a lot of pine tree
• A waterfall(a negative ion mostly generates)
• The well made garden
• Waving ocean
• The valley and river with high speed flowing water

4 Function of a negative ion

The negative ion and health of a human body.
("If negative ions are full of cells, you will be health")
If the positive ion is increased the negative ion is decreased, the operation of a cell membrane is not active well, so all physiological function and metabolism of the body become worse and it may be cause of diseases. If blood is acidified the resisting force of all kinds of pathogenic bacteria decreases and the operation of the autonomy nerve, that control and innards, by nutritious supplying problem becomes worse.

│ Test Result of Bio Necklace │

1) FIR Emissivity
(measured by the Korea Far Infrared Ray Association as the official test organization)

Emissivity(5 ~ 20μm)
Emissivity energy(W/m2μm, 37°C)
Bio Necklace
3.49 x 102

2) FIR emmiting bracelet clinical effect
(Jae Won Lee, M.D. Chief, Professor, Department of Cardiovascular Surgery Eulji Univ. hospital,)

Increase Rate(%)
Bio Necklace
unit : cm/sec, PK : Peak Velocity, MN : Mean Velocity, HR : Heart Rate

3) Kirlian Effect(Chi, Vitality, Bio) Energy
(Measured by Korea Research Institute of JungShin Science)
Two picture show the Chi-image of four fingers after and before the bio bracelet wore. After wearing the bracelet and watch, we discovered the clear and strong Chi-image
editorimg editorimg
Before After

4) Bio Information Resonance System Analysis
(Measured by Korea Research Institute of JungShin Science.)
Using bio-resonance(feedback) from body system, this machine looks at over 4,000 substances that may be causing problems. The machine is able to scan and treat the resonance, current and energy of the body own bio-electrical system. This natural energy is produced within the cells of your body through their own electrical activity.
Blood Circulation
Stress Relief
Fatigue Relief
Pain Relief
Increase Rate